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Working from home is business as usual for us at Invise. Since we have free working hours, it is also free to work where we want and where we have the most flow, provided that it works with other meeting bookings. In addition, we have two colleagues who work remote full time! In other words, we are professionals working from home. Here we have gathered the Invise employees' best tips on how to succeed at being productive at home. Read how to send emails in lockdown using That’s why I have compiled a list of FREE EMAILS providers

# 1 Get ready for the work day

Shower and "get ready" as if you were going to the office before you start working. You won't get started if you work in pajamas and messy hair! You may be required to step into your professional role just as usual to keep motivation and energy up. For many, it feels more “real” if you are your usual professional self.

# 2 Take a moment out every day

Make sure you come out every day! Although it is gray outside, you feel good of fresh air and the break is useful. It can also be nice mentally to get away from home for a little while.

# 3 Walk, run or work out at the gym

Use your breaks to post an activity or workout. It can be a walk, a swing to the outdoor gym or a lap in the track. 

# 4 Working Together Online

Keep in the feeling of working together! Agree with one or more colleagues to sit and work together digitally. We use Google Hangouts and it works great to create virtual meetings. You don't have to have a plan, it can be nice to just see and hear each other and exchange spontaneous thoughts, even if you work individually.

# 5 Display of your workplace at home

If possible: Try to screen your workspace so you don't have to be distracted by other "must do" things that usually exist in the home. There are always things to pick away, a disc to be washed or a video game to be played.

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# 6 Eat breakfast and lunch as usual

It's easy to forget to eat when you're at home, or it's close at hand to just throw in a snack for lunch in front of your computer. But eat your lunch box - just as you do at work, and take a break when eating. Refilling with good energy is just as important at home!

# 7 Unplug during the break

Watch something fun on TV, listen to a podcast or browse a magazine when you take a break from work. When you do not have the usual coffee machine talk, you need to help the brain take mental breaks from work every now and then.

# 8 “Go to work”

Or pretend you go to work. Go for a long or short morning walk and when you get home again you have "come to work". The psychological value of doing the routine can be great, and you get that mentioned fresh air and sunlight on the bargain.

# 9 Keep your TV on in the background

Malou after 10 is a popular program in the virtual Invise office. Having a pleasant TV program or radio in the background makes it not feel as lonely.

# 10 Make sure you have cleaned at home

If it doesn't help to shield your workplace from distractions (can be difficult if you live in a small apartment) you can simply minimize the distractions. Start your day by spending some time picking away and make sure you get an undisturbed environment where you work. 

# 11 Plan your day

Get an overview of what your day looks like by planning your work day in hours or blocks. Set aside time for what to focus on for the day, and don't forget to schedule breaks. For example, you can drive three hours - lunch - three hours - coffee - two hours.

# 12 Create flow

Just because you are not at work, you do not have to "show that you are at work" all the time by responding quickly to mail and chat. Turn off notifications when you need to focus on a task and allow yourself to get into the flow and work undisturbed. If you need to - set a time for when you answer everything in one go.

# 13 Go home from work

It's easy to free up time and work when you work at home. Divide the day into workouts so that there is a clear difference between when you work and when you are off. Turn off your computer and all notifications when you are no longer working. If you love your job, it's easy to fall into a "just do" behavior. 

# 14 Create lists

Being a cunning person is especially rewarding when working at home. The satisfaction of ticking something off a list creates much-needed dopamine kicks that keep you motivated and create a sense of productivity. But remember not to list too much. The point is that you should be able to cross everything and feel ready for the day. 

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# 15 Treat yo yourself

Create carrots and reward yourself when you fix something good! “If you do this or work out this task, you can have a coffee or make this fun during the break” can do the trick for the motivation.

# 16 Lunch with colleagues

Invite colleagues to a video meeting over lunch. Those who want can talk as usual, and others can just hang out and have colleagues in the background. A great way to both get to the lunch routine and meet colleagues. Do the same with the coffee bar.

# 17 Working in Pajamas

For many, it feels important to keep to their routines, but if you are more productive in the soft - run. It can be quite nice to once again not have to spend time getting ready. 

# 18 Buy really good coffee

Finally, you have the chance to up your coffee game. Now is the perfect place to try some new coffee varieties, you might find a new favorite! Or tea, if that's your thing.

# 19 Change the environment

Don't just sit on a rocking chair all day and don't get caught in the couch. Replacement satisfies both the body and the working brain, even if it is only a new angle of the room.

# 20 Call a colleague

Call colleagues sometimes instead of emailing or chatting. It's nice to hear other people's voices!

# 21 Open the window

Opening the window and getting some air should not be underestimated. You don't always have to take a walk to get an oxygen injection that makes the brain feel a little crispy!

# 22 Do stretching exercises

Set the alarm and do regular stretch exercises once an hour to get some more energy.

# 23 Common playlist

Create a common playlist where everyone can add music they like. Either you can listen to the entire “office list” or just take inspiration from those who have the coolest music taste.

# 24 Lunch workout at home

If you are a member of a fitness center, you probably have access to digital workouts, otherwise there is a whole lot on Youtube. Move the living room table aside and tear off a sweaty half hour or hour in front of the TV screen

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